In the last ten or so years, Sushi has become wildly popular with many chain restaurants being opened across the UK, as well as every standard supermarket having a sushi selection. I am a big fan of sushi so decided to drag several friends and my boyfriend to experience it for the first time in YoSushi. Tucked away in the corner St. Peter’s Square, YoSushi is slightly out of the way in comparison to the other restaurants. Rather ironically placed next to Wagamama’s, which is another Japanese cuisine based restaurant, however their menus are quite different.

At first glance, YoSushi, as clearly suggested by the name, is focused mainly around sushi. However, there is a large selection of about seventy dishes, which are both warm and cold. The hot dishes vary from fish to chicken to beef. The dishes come in different coloured bowls, which have a corresponding prices; for example, a green bowl is £1.90, whereas a yellow bowl is £6.00. There are 7 different coloured bowls to pick from, with each colour having a varied amount of dishes available. The central component of the restaurant is a conveyer belt, where an assortment of dishes slowly travel past you every couple of minutes. Furthermore, you can watch the chef hand-make every piece in front of you. If you wish to order a hot dish; there is helpful button, which can call over a server so you can place your order, meaning your dish will be hand delivered to your table in a few moments.

On entering the restaurant, the staff were welcoming, and found us a booth suitable for a group of four. The restaurant had other customers in but it wasn’t busy. However, it was a Tuesday night, and I suspect that Monday would have been busier in YoSushi, due to the ‘Blue Monday’ promotion. (Blue Monday is where all food on the conveyer belt is £2.70) The other customers were a mixture of couples, friends and a family group, so the atmosphere in the restaurant was a nice blend between casual and a relaxed mood. The decoration of the restaurant was modern, and followed the traditional YoSushi colours of white, grey and orange. There was music playing vaguely in the background to create a “mood” but it was a bit too quiet to be heard and there wasn’t enough people in the restaurant to create an ambience as such. The table was clean with the standard options set out, such as soy sauce and wasabi. The taps for both still and fizzy water on the table were a novelty, but the fact that water did cost money, £1.20 for unlimited refills, was a bit of a surprise.

12272724_10203789479776645_874049101_nOn arrival, we ordered drinks with my friends both opting to try a Japanese beer, which they said tasted lovely but was rather expensive. Rather disappointingly, my boyfriend isn’t a fan of sushi, however he was satisfied with ordering the ‘Sumo’ bowl of Chicken katsu Curry. His food lived up to its name, with an extremely generous portion arriving soon after. The bowl was enormous, which was filled the brim with rice and chicken. The Katsu curry was fiery and sweet at the same time, but without burning your head off from spice. It was good value as by ordering a ‘sumo’ bowl, it only cost £8 for his entire meal.

My male friend and I, who are the sushi lovers, ordered both hot and cold food. To start with I ordered the naked noodles, and had several plates of sushi. The Yo!Roll is YoSushi’s alternative to California sushi rolls, with salmon and avocado wrapped in seaweed, then surrounded by rice. With a small chunk of wasabi and soy sauce, this was a delicious bite. One negative to point out, was that the conveyer belt didn’t seem to have as wider selection of Sushi as they usually do. However, when I ordered the popcorn shrimp tempura and salmon maki, it arrived almost instantaneously making up for the depleted selection on the conveyor belt. The popcorn shrimp tempura was incredible, glazed with a creamy miso sauce and sprinkled with lemon juice, so it was devoured in minutes. My friend picked up a salmon selection bowl, which, due the varying slices and pieces of salmon sushi available on the plate, was an excellent choice for £4.30.

On the other hand, my female friend is a Vegan (perhaps not the best place to go if you are one) but if you ask a server, they will bring a menu of vegetarian and vegan options. There was about 12 vegan options, which is rather limited but potentially more than other restaurants would offer. We shared a bowl of edamame beans between three of us, which were fresh and crunchy with the Cornish sea-salt for flavour, but they were cold which she was disappointed by. However, she ordered a normal size portion of tofu katsu curry, which she also found delicious. She later ordered Miso soup, which for £2.20, proves another bargain due to the unlimited refills that are allowed throughout your meal.

In conclusion, we all enjoyed the meal as each of us ended up having something we all liked. The service was excellent, the buttons on the table allowing staff to be called as soon as they were needed. This meant no waiting around to catch the waiters’ attention. A further bonus of the service was the speed at which any ordered food was brought to the table, although this may have been due to us visiting on a quieter evening. The food was of an excellent quality and for a final price of £53.50 with 20% student discount, bringing it down to £44.83 which was a reasonable price. We each paid about £11.20ish as we split the bill evenly, which is about average for a meal. Overall, it proved to be an enjoyable experience, so if you fancy experiencing something different to Italian food in Leicester, I would highly recommend a trip to YoSushi.

By Lizzie Thomas

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    Yo Sushi Guildford offers terrible customer service. The guy with lobe-gauged earrings is rude and aggressive. Would never visit again!

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