Being the start of a new year, most freshers are moving into their new halls and houses away from home. Let me reiterate, this is not everyone. I know for sure that there are a fair few of you starting Uni that are travelling every day, maybe a 30 minute drive or an hour and half train journey- whatever it is, don’t feel like you are going to miss out on the university experience because it is doable. Just follow these tips and tricks that I’ve learned from commuting to university for the past year, and why I’ve even decided to do the same this year.

Top tip #1


Now I know what you’re thinking -‘But how can I always be present if I live 20 miles away from everything’ – well that’s all up to how u decide to handle the situation.

I mean you could easily just come in for your lectures then return swiftly home, but you will find in turn that you won’t have much of a social life that way and University is all about exploring different things, and finding yourself along the way (cliché I know but its true). So stay on campus, you will find that there is almost always something to get involved in throughout the year like sports, socials and events all held before your 8oclock train.

Top tip #2


You may feel like you’re the only one that doesn’t live in halls but I promise you – this is definitely not the case. Ask around on your course, I promise you won’t look silly, odds are people are looking for a train/bus buddy too!

And trust me, once you find someone to travel with, it makes the whole process so much less daunting and the journey a bit shorter and bare-able.

Top tip #3


You may find that, whilst you want to say on campus to socialise, I highly recommend getting you work done during the day as well. Whether it be in the library or a coffee shop its best to do it whilst you’re at Uni because trust me when I say, you will not have the energy to do anything more than reading once you get home after a long day. So make sure you bring all your study materials in the morning so that you can basically relax when you get home.

Top tip #4

If you commute by train BUY A RAIL CARD

It may seem basic, but it saves you a tonne of money, I saved £60 a month by getting one! I suggest getting it at the beginning of the month so that by December you won’t need to get a new one because although you are saving money by not living in halls, buying a ticket very day can add up to quite the bill so don’t fall into the trap of getting daily tickets.

Take some advice from former and follow travellers as well as these tips, and you should be all set for your year commuting!


Heba Yousef

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