The big question all Pretty Little Liar fans are asking is ‘Who is A.D?” aka ‘Uber A’. We have had some big A reveals in the past, but this might be the biggest and most complicated A reveal yet.

The main theory that is circulating the internet is that A.D is Spencer’s twin! It is crazy, but the theory does have some merit.

To start with, twins run in the family and can be genetically inherited. According to most medical websites fraternal twins can be hereditary but not identical twins. Despite this, most people tend to say differently. If Mary Drake is indeed Spencer’s mother, then it is plausible that she has a twin.

To add to this theory, in the scene when Hanna ‘imagines’ Spencer when she was abducted by A.D there are some anomalies.  Hannah has supposedly imagined one of the liars being around her before and it turns out they were actually there.

To further prove that the person Hanna saw was in fact Spencer’s twin is the use of the name A.D. By the time the liars get the first text ending in A.D, Hanna had already been kidnapped. Even in Hanna’s unconscious mind, she could not have known the initials A.D to refer to Uber A, yet this ‘imaginary Spencer’ did. Fans have also noticed that this ‘Spencer’ only mentions the way out to Hanna after she says “Maybe it is a good thing we don’t know who killed Charlotte.”

The last thing in this scene that supports the idea of an identical Spencer twin is the song that is sung to Hanna. It is the same song that Mary Drake sings to the real Spencer when she is shot at the end of season 7 episode 10. Is all of this a mere coincidence or a simple mistake? Let us be honest; there are no mistakes in Pretty Little Liars.

There is also very little information in the file on the second birth of Mary Drake’s child. There is no mention of gender or how many children there were. It merely states that there were no complications.

We hear two gunshots, but Spencer only had one bullet wound. Did Jenna shoot twice? Was it truly Spencer that we heard shouting “no” or was it her twin? Why was Mary Drake there with A.D if they weren’t related? They must know each other.

There are so many questions that have yet to be answered and the Pretty Little Liars army has a long wait till all is revealed. The second half of season 7 will be aired in America in April 2017, plenty of time to watch all of your favourite episodes all over again.

Do you agree with this theory? Have another? We will soon see who is right in a few short months.


Kelly Kingsbury

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