One of the highlights of television this summer was Game of Thrones, which returned to our
screens in July. With its return, GoT began to tie up many loose ends but has also seemed to
create a whole new set of problems for the main characters in the series to face. Please be aware
this review contains spoilers for GoT series 7, so if you are yet to see series 7-
1. How have you managed to avoid spoilers over the summer?!
2. Don’t go any further at risk of spoilers!

It was announced last year that this series would be cut down to allow for bigger budget episodes
that could afford high calibre special effects to match the high quality story of the show. The end
result was stunning moments which had us all talking- the epic loot train battle; the bringing down
of a dragon; a wright to Kings Landing; and finally the cliff hanger of the series, the falling of the

Arguably some of the most highly anticipated moments of the show took place this series, notably
the meeting of Daenerys and Jon Snow. Most of their time was spent arguing about the best way
to proceed and by the end were unknowingly leading themselves into a lot of trouble. Fans opinion
on the pairs relationship seems to be a bit like Marmite- you either love it or you hate it. On the
other end of the spectrum we finally saw Jaime turn his back on Cersei as she began to take her
hate campaign against any house who has ever crossed her a bit too far.

As well as long awaited first meetings and break ups of characters we also saw long awaited
reunions of characters. The remaining Starks are finally back where they belong. However, each
has been changed dramatically by the events we have seen play out on the show. Arya as we
know is now a crazy assassin, Bran is the three eyed raven (who really knows what his role is?)
and Sansa has been hardened by the events of her past. Meanwhile, in Kings Landing we saw the
reunion of Tyrion with Jamie and then Cersei- which was tense to say the least.

What I especially liked about this series of Thrones was that there was less waiting around, things
really began to move a lot faster and by the end we were worlds away from where we began.
Thrones began with the characters together, as the show progressed these characters began to
move further and further away from each other. This series however, characters finally seem to be
coming together rather than moving apart. With this coming together though there are more and
more plot lines and things coming up which are bound to go wrong. My question is- how on earth
are they going to wrap all this up in one series?!

April Atkin

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