The Trump Presidency never really had a honeymoon period, endless scandals, setbacks and stupidity have mired The Donald since day one. Throughout all the crises however, a shadowy presence has lurked in the background that is now making itself known. The investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is beginning to pick up speed, handing out convictions which are sure to be the first of many. For the first time, the possibility of impeachment is no longer a dream, instead it is rapidly becoming a reality.

Despite it being widely known and proven that Russia intervened in the election to help Donald Trump, the man in question still denies it vehemently. As the net closes in on his associates and edges closer to his inner circle, his Twitter rants become increasingly frantic. He desperately tries to turn the focus on to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats with little success, this probably being the first time in his life he has wanted to pass on the spotlight. He belittles those who have so far been caught, some of whom have been charged with crimes as serious as conspiracy against the United States. This tactic will become more difficult to deploy over time as more senior members of his cabal are caught, it would be humiliating for him to have to publicly denounce members of his own family, potentially even his own son-in-law by the end of the year.

While consequences seem inevitable for the Trump administration, this does not mean that the President will go down without a fight. The most obvious and appealing course of action would be to sack the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in the hopes that it would ease the scrutiny on the White House. Trump fired the FBI Director James Comey for the same reason, and Nixon also fired his own Special Counsel when he wouldn’t bend to the wishes of the White House. This, however, caused the resignation of Cabinet members and triggered impeachment procedures against Nixon, but Trump probably isn’t wise enough to heed this historical warning. Apart from this, there are very few options the President can take. It is highly unlikely he will resign as his ego would not permit it, military action against a foreign target may be a step too far in terms of creating a distraction, and issuing Presidential pardons to everyone involved would only confirm the existence of a vast criminal conspiracy designed to undermine American democracy.

A comparison was made to Watergate earlier in this article, but in terms of severity this current scandal is infinitely worse. It shows that a hostile foreign power helped to decide the leadership of the most powerful nation on the planet. Russian assaults on Western democracy should be taken more seriously, and the British government should emulate the US and carry out their own investigation into foreign interference in the EU referendum. It is vital to stop the creation of instability in the West, even though it’s probably too late.

Cameron Forbes

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