“Curiosity is the most powerful unknown knowledge we have” There is certain curiosity in all of us that lead us to discover, learn and explore new frontiers. However, how beneficial is it to know where people, traditions, expressions, or even words come from? Besides getting involved into general knowledge, the fact of acknowledging the roots of everything around us will make us more tolerant, critical and understanding in the sense of accepting
the fact that all of us are different, turning “the difference” into the most valuable treasure we have.
“Let’s do a potluck!”, “what’s your custom for Halloween?”, “what are you doing onThanksgiving Day?”, “Are you coming to the Diwali? These may be uncommon or even unknown for many people. However, this is part of the culture shock we are exposed to, aiming to make us wonder and think introspectively about what and where we are breaking this personal bubble we have lived in to breath some new air. As consequence, simple things such: tea or coffee? Why is the driver seat at the right side of the car? why is the first floor called ground floor? Why is “Leicester” pronounced that way? become a source of valuable information about history and background, making us understand that there is not right or wrong, north or south, ugliness or beauty; everything is relative, everything is
just a perspective.
Perspective is what make us creative and unique, perspective is to see 365 opportunities a year, where some people only see days; perspective is to listen what some only hear. Looking at the world from different eyes provide an infinite resource of ideas, solutions and questions, which in a way or another make us advance and evolve. On the other hand, can we change the way we perceive the world? The answer is yes, however what we see depends on what we look, in fact your view point shapes your thoughts, decisions and actions. Therefore, giving yourself a chance to meet people, travel to new places, taste different food and going out from your comfort zone adds invaluable information of how you understand the world. Additionally, to gain perspective skills you must be a neutral observer, do not judge immediately; be optimistic, any challenge is a new opportunity to learn; receive and give to others, cultural exchange is the most powerful tool to understand we have the similar goals, but we take different routes. Practice and gain ability to reframe any situation, do not waste precious time debating if the glass is half full or half empty…at the end of the day it is just a glass containing water.
Daniel Lopez
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