It’s that time of year again- awards season. That time of year where there’s a different award show every week. Although there’s one awards show that out shines the rest- the beloved Oscars. The Oscars are the closing feature and the award show that all the other film awards shows build up to. Particular attention has been paid to the Oscars in recent years due to reforms in the Academy which came as a result of the lack of diversity in the nominations. This year is no different, the nominations and nominees and on the night the show itself will be watched carefully in light of the Hollywood scandal and Time’s Up movement.

At the time of writing, Gary Oldman, Frances McDormand and Three Billboards have made a clean sweep in the top categories at the awards shows. All look set to take the top awards at the Oscars and deservedly so. Gary Oldman gives what has been called ‘a career defining performance’ in Darkest Hour, bringing authenticity and ferocity to role. In Three Billboards, Frances McDormand give an equally career defining performance in a shocking and thought provoking film, that’ll leave you thinking long after you leave the theatre.

Best director is a murkier category. For the first time since 2009 a woman, Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird, has been nominated. The fight for this award though seems to be between Guillermo Del Toro and Christopher Nolan for their passion projects The Shape of Water and Dunkirk respectively. Del Toro already has the Golden Globe under his belt, but Nolan could easily turn his first director nomination into his first win.

There have been some surprise nominations across the board this year, particularly at the BAFTAs and the Oscars. The BAFTAs recognised Paddington 2, one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year, in three major categories. Most surprisingly, to the joy of many fans, Hugh Grant was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. I personally hope he wins but it is a hotly contested category with Sam Rockwell currently sweeping the board.

The Oscar nominations have also thrown up a few surprises with The Boss Baby being nominated for Best Animated Feature and Logan for Best Adapted Screenplay. It’s nice to see Logan getting some recognition. Logan deserves more than just this one nomination in my eyes, but even this nomination is an achievement. It is rare for a superhero/comic film to be nominated in one of the top categories – a feat that has only every really been achieved by Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises for which Heath Ledger posthumously won Best Supporting Actor. Neither are expected to win in their respective categories, though it’s nice to see acknowledgment of mainstream films.

However, outshining on the awards circuit this year though is the Time’s Up movement. As awards are being handed out and nominations announced, more allegations of abuse and misconduct are coming to light. The movement is making clear that time really is up for inequality and injustice in Hollywood.

April Atkin

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