Despite the overwhelming evidence that Brexit will bring nothing but ruin to Britain, both the Government and the Opposition remain committed to its implementation. Ignoring all warnings that it will devastate the economy and diminish Britain’s international influence, the majority of Parliament seems intent on going through with it anyway.

The main reason why Brexit should be abandoned is due to the catastrophic economic damage that it will create. Withdrawal from the Single Market and the Customs Union will result in a massive reduction in trade with Europe and cause companies to take their business elsewhere, which will result in increased unemployment. Trade deals with other nations will take years to finalise and won’t make up for the loss of the European market. It is argued that this is a necessary sacrifice to make in order to end freedom of movement, a decision based on tabloid lies and nationalist rhetoric, but the loss of incoming labour from the EU will only end up dealing another blow to the economy.

Brexit will also reduce Britain from one of the world’s most influential soft powers to just another international bystander. We will have no say in the affairs of the EU or of Europe in general and our relationship with the United States will be weakened as a consequence of this. Eventually it might even lead to us losing our seat on the UN Security Council, where we would be replaced by one of the new world powers, such as India or Brazil. Our already receding presence on the world stage will go into freefall and we will have sacrificed our hard-earnt respected position for nothing.

The main reason given as to why Brexit should be carried out, despite the massive damage it will do to Britain, is that it is the ‘will of the people.’ This reason could only be seen as valid if the campaign to leave the EU was carried out with honesty, which it clearly wasn’t. From the promise of an extra £350 million a week for the NHS to the idea that a trade deal with the EU would be ‘the easiest in history,’ Vote Leave’s platform was not based in reality. The result of the referendum was therefore not democratic as the electorate were deceived about the simplicity of the decision they had to make.

There is no need to go through with Brexit. It will be one of the most damaging policy decisions taken in modern British history and will have a negative impact on all areas of society. Even if there is no desire in the country to stop Brexit at this moment in time, there is no point waiting until the time comes where there is mass regret and it is too late to do anything about it. It is not anti-democratic or anti-British to oppose Brexit and more MPs should start putting the country’s interests before their party’s.

Cameron Forbes

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