“Fresh Meat Quorn”

I haven’t eaten meat in 15 years. You think this is crazy, right? How can someone spend almost two centuries on this planet and manage to deny themselves of a bacon butty in the morning, pigs in blankets and turkey on Christmas Day? Well, to be honest you never really think about meat when you haven’t eaten it for most of your life… until you’re drunk of course, and the smell of greasy burgers and hot dogs is wafted under your nose whilst all you have to savour are some soggy chips. Now, let me tell you my opinion on us vegetarians.

Being a vegetarian does have some benefits (I know you probably disagree with me but let me explain) for example; Quorn averages out to be at least £1 cheaper than the average price of meat; there is obviously much less fat in vegetarian food (good for your arteries or something right?). It also means that cute animals get to live forever – yay! Okay, obviously I know this last point isn’t true; as much as all meat eaters out there like to tell us how the animals will get killed anyway whether we eat meat or not. So, we may as well just eat it, believe it or not, most of us already know this popular opinion. Not all vegetarians and vegans live in a world of “rainbows and smiles” clouded by the naivety that if they don’t eat meat then all animals will get to jump around and live forever. And not all of us even choose to not eat meat for the sake of animals, maybe some vegetarians just don’t enjoy the taste?

People’s favourite question to ask me when they find out I’m the dreaded veggie, is “why?” the look of confusion and disgust blatant from their expressions. I suspect when they ask this, they want some debate about how “meat is murder” so that they can attack our personal decision and miraculously encourage us to change…unfortunately I am not that serious and opinionated about what people choose to eat, and neither is my reason for this kind of diet… sorry to disappoint.

Since the start of this article you’ve probably been wondering what my reason is? Or maybe you don’t really care, you just think I should be quiet and eat a sausage roll already. But here it is anyway; when I was 4 and had ambitions to become a vet and ensure every single animal lived forever and ever, I decided I wasn’t going to eat the cute fluffy animals anymore. There you have it, as plain and simple as that: 4-year-old me has ruled my non-meat-eating life forever and I doubt it will ever change. Not because I still believe I can make animals live eternally, or even that I have such strong morals about the whole “meat is murder” thing. But truthfully, I just don’t feel the need to eat meat, I haven’t for 15 years so why break the habit now? I’m happy, I’m healthy, and anyway…more meat for you! Now that I’ve given my opinion on how not all vegetarians are the stereotype you label us to be, I will happily and contentedly go and nibble on some grass.

Kiera Dennis

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