Before I even started writing this I knew that my opinion on the infamous Katie Hopkins is one not shared by the majority. That is why I am declaring that I, Nidhi, actually like Ms. Hopkins. Yes, that’s right, I said that I like her. Que gasps, looks of horror and threats of riots from my fellow millennials.

Now, for those of you who don’t know who I am talking about- if those people even exist- Hopkins rose to fame as the ‘bitchiest’ contestant ever to grace our screens on series 3 of The Apprentice. She then became- in her own words- Britain’s most hated woman after appearances on This Morning, I’m A Celeb and Loose Women (to name a few) whereby she voiced her controversial and unorthodox opinions on judging children based on their name as well as openly stating that she would never employ an overly tattooed person.

From this short description of Hopkins, I can totally see why most people dislike her however, I admire anyone who is not afraid to speak their mind on any and all topics. Yes, Katie is extremely controversial and yes, there are a few things which even I don’t agree with- mainly her support of Trump- but, in today’s society whereby we have to be so careful in case we offend anyone, Hopkins is actually a breath of fresh air. We currently live in a paradoxical age which allows for people to speak their mind while also punishing those who have an opinion which goes against the ‘norm.’ In fact, Hopkins’ many TV and radio appearances have sparked intense debates on issues which are prominent in our world which can only be a good thing. The only way we are ever going to discuss hard and often difficult topics is through these discussions. Whether you agree with her or not is neither here nor there. Some of her endeavours have very obviously been to gain attention which is another reason why I admire the woman. She doesn’t care if coverage of her is either positive or negative, publicity is still publicity. The funny thing is, those who claim to dislike her don’t really know why they do. They have just decided to follow the crowd for fear of being shunned by their peers. Clearly, she is well liked by society due to her placing 2nd in a very controversy-ridden Celebrity Big Brother back in 2015.

My issue with Katie Hopkins is not actually with her, but the way in which she is treated. She was recently injected with ketamine (horse-tranquilisers) while suffering an epileptic attack in South Africa. The response from people on Twitter? In a nutshell, people were quite happy that the biggest mouth in Britain entered into a k-hole- something potentially very dangerous and life-threatening. Her drama-riddled trip to South Africa almost didn’t end as her passport was taken away from her at the airport and she was detained for several hours for inciting racial hatred. Again, people rejoiced at the thought that she may be sent to prison in a country notorious for their ill-treatment of inmates. Those who disagree with her- and there’s a lot of them- due to her being rude, insensitive and heartless are just as bad as her purely for the fact that they are sending her ill-wishes. Surely sending death-threats and hate mail is much worse than someone stating that fat people are lazy? At the end of the day she is still someone’s mother, someone’s daughter and someone’s wife. It’s time to start treating her in the same way she treats others, although maybe that’s exactly what people are doing.

Nidhi India


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