In today’s world we often cannot separate politics from social media. Almost every politician uses it, every voter has an opinion and every opposition has a say. Yet, it’s the over and underuse that has come to my attention. No one can deny Trump’s overuse of social media, from insulting Kim Jong Un to attacking fellow politicians, I believe he uses this platform as his voice and this voice is becoming that one friend that you can’t keep quiet.

Theresa May on the other hand slips under the radar. Personally, I would not accuse any Tom, Dick or Harry of losing because of their inclination towards posting online, however, in 21st century politics, there is no way of avoiding such a high-profile platform. Not only is she missing out on votes from the younger generation, but as a PM her overall character seems to age the less she interacts.

Trump himself has fallen due to his lack of political experience, he was not a politician before nor did he have much knowledge of the on goings within the political system. This has led to instances where his output on twitter has caused mass uproar among voters as well as showing his far from compassionate personality. For example, the recent tweet to those affected by Hurricane Irma stating ‘Be safe and get out its way!’ and tweets that are far too invasive into life within the White House and his own political stance, relating to tweets such as ‘Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time.’

May however is the antithesis of this, in my opinion she presents her social media as she is as a politician… old, rather bland and disinterested. Her lack of communication via social media can be seen as an attempt to not be drawn into situations that, for example, Mr Trump puts himself in. However, it simply comes across as her inability or unwillingness to adapt to the time she lives in as she began her life as an MP in a very different period. She will have to increase contact with the country online if she is going to have any hope of keeping her place after she has an unsteady premiership so far.

When looking at these two utter parallels it is hard to find a common ground, however in this case it screams out to me… they’re both FAILING. In different senses of the word, Trump seems to be unravelling any social progress made in America over the last 100 years and May’s weak start is getting weaker and weaker as she messes about with the Brexit deal.

Now, I am evidently not trying to state that social media could solve all the world’s problems, but I am suggesting that if they learnt how to communicate with their voters, they may have a better reputation and chance to make a difference. Taking a leaf out of Trump’s book, May should communicate different successes and failures of the Brexit deal over social media, whilst keeping her political decorum and keeping us in the loop. Trump could deal with understanding what needs to be said and what doesn’t, once he stops acting like a teenage girl after her first breakup and tweeting his feelings or overly expressing his political views, the consensus on his political capability may become more positive.

Lucy Knights

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