Frontline is a social work charity that helps millions of children who haven’t had the best start in life to become the best that they can be. Each year, Frontline runs a Leadership Development Programme (LDP) which takes in the best people to become qualified social workers and change children’s lives for the better. Here’s 5 reasons why YOU should consider a career in social work and apply to the LDP:

1) You can be the person that helped change a young person’s life forever

At least half a million children in England don’t have a safe or stable home, but with Frontline’s help this can change. Through the Leadership Development Programme, you can join one of Britain’s toughest professions, but also one of the most rewarding, due to the impact you will make on the children and families lives.

2) Benefit from on the earning and gaining experience while you learn.

Frontline offers you a bursary up to £19.K in the first year while you work towards your diploma in Social Work and gain experience in a Local Authority. In the second year you will gain a fully funded Masters in Social Work and earn a salary ranging from £25K to £35K.

3) Joining the Fellowship opens up so many new doors

After completing the LDP, you become part of the Frontline Fellowship. While natural progression is to become a fully-qualified social worker, that’s not the only option. Recent graduates of the programme have stepped up in to management, opened their own charities and taken up policy roles in the Department for Education. The options are limitless.

4) It might not be something you’ve considered before

Social work isn’t something at the forefront of people’s minds when they enter the graduate job market. It doesn’t matter what degree you’ve been studying, whether its History, Law, American Studies or Maths, as long as it’s at 2.1 or above and you meet the rest of the eligibility requirements you’ll qualify to apply.

5) Every day is a different challenge

Unlike a boring desk job, at Frontline you’ll be out visiting children and families in various settings like schools, homes and community centres as well as speaking with numerous multi-agencies e.g. Teachers, Police etc. Some days might be more challenging than others but this can make them more rewarding.

Are you interested?

Deadline for applications to join the next cohort of life-changing people is on Monday 19th November, ready to start in September 2019.

Get your application in and start your journey to becoming someone incredible. For more information, sign up by clicking here and the Midlands Recruitment Officer will get in touch with you and offer guidance on how to submit your application and what the process involves.

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