After a rather long sixteen-hour journey on the plane from Heathrow, I finally arrived in Ho Chi Minh City with my boyfriend, Lewis. As soon as I stepped out of the airport exit doors the humidity hit me like a tonne of bricks. We jumped straight into a taxi and headed to our hostel.

If you want to get to know more about Vietnam’s war history, visiting the Cu-Chi Tunnels is a super way to start, located in the Cu-Chi district of Ho Chi Minh. Slip into the Vietcong’s underground creations that enabled them to hide from the American enemy, as well as communicate and supply routes and weaponry to one another. It really is a magnificent formulation of what the human mind and physical strength can do.

The Ben Thanh market is an opportunity to show off some of your bartering skills and get yourself some bargains! Named as one of Ho Chi Minh’s oldest landmarks, the markets busy and vibrant atmosphere produces a busy vibe that will make you shop till you drop. From the mouth-watering smell of the Asian cuisine, to the array of colourful dried fruits, spices and nuts, the food is definitely worth a taste. Why not try on a bit of Vietnamese attire, or explore the electronic devices, arts, crafts, watches and jewellery being sold?

I am a massive foodie, so I was ultra-excited to try some of the local Vietnamese dishes. A typical dish would consist of egg noodles or rice, with vegetables and a type of meat. For a trip to this Asian wonderland, prepare to ditch those knives and forks, and (with time and patience), learn how to master the chopsticks!

My favourite source of transport was the sleeper train, split into lots of rooms consisting of four to six bunk beds. The train saves you lots of time, you go to sleep through the long night and then wake up in your next beautiful destination. I would recommend purchasing a sleeping liner before using the sleeper train, because sometimes the bedding has been used by the public previously on there..

Ho Chi Minh is teeming with interesting things for you to do, see, experience and explore. There is no other destination that dances with enthusiasm like this one does. To visualise the true inner beauty that reflects from its surfaces, the eyes must witness it for themselves. Go on a journey you will never forget. Visit Ho Chi Minh City!

Tahnee Perfect

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