For lots of us, stress and University pretty much go hand in hand, but what can you do to help yourself?

One important thing that you’ll be told over and over again, is to learn to manage your time and this really couldn’t be more true. One way to help with this is to keep a timetable, whether it’s a diary or a calendar print out. Write out your deadlines and assign time for how much you think you’ll need to spend on each assignment. It is easy to fall into the panic trap, when you know you have so much to do but don’t know when to start. Save yourself from the panic moments when you don’t know what to do because you already have it planned this time.

Make time to procrastinate. There will be days when you really just can’t be bothered and it’s fine if you don’t get everything you’ve planned done in that day, because you’ve allowed yourself to do that and you’re still on track. Set yourself bite-sized amounts of work when you know that long hours in library just aren’t going to happen, such as writing an email or reading a paper. This still means that you’ve done something to contribute towards your work.

Me time! It’s important to take time for yourself to recharge. Whether it’s taking extra care of yourself by putting on a face mask, seeing friends, watching Netflix, or even taking a weekend to go home Taking a break from work and focusing on yourself and something that you want to do will not only make you feel better but will also make you feel more productive when you do go back to work.

Exercise! Exercise increases your general health and wellbeing. It is known that exercise releases endorphins to make you feel good and increase productivity. Exercise can also increase the quality of your sleep. If dedicating yourself to a gym membership is a step too far then the University also runs free sessions under the name; Let’s Do Leicester. There are sessions for yoga, Pilates and basketball, there is a sport for everyone. The best thing is that they are free and there’s no membership!

Sleep! It is known that insufficient sleep can increase stress levels, which can result in physical and mental health problems. So, what can you do to get good quality sleep?. Stop using your phone at least half an hour before going to bed, as the blue light from using your phone can reduce the amount of melatonin your body produces which can delay your internal body clock. So instead of scrolling through social media you might want to play some white noise or a podcast. Develop a sleep schedule and stick to it.

If you are still struggling with dealing with stress there are plenty of services available at the University, there is a mental well-being service located in the Charles Wilson Building, the Victoria Park health centre, and you can also use the Nightline Service.

Tasmiyah Akhtar

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