Street Law is a small legal charity which is part of the universities’ Pro Bono project. We are a student led charity comprised dynamic university of Leicester students and we strive to make the law accessible to vulnerable demographics within the Leicester community.

This is done through educational, informative and engaging Street Law sessions which combine presentations with practical activities and open discussions. We explore a number of different legal demographics through these sessions including cyber-crime, register to vote clinics, women in the workplace, human rights, stop and search and even mock trials for the girl guides.

Street Law engages the community through a variety of different platforms, including the University of Leicester Galaxy Media radio station. Every Wednesday from 3-4pm you can tune in and listen to our topical discussions whilst anonymously add your input via the website comments box. 

At Street Law, we are committed to providing our volunteers with the opportunities to enhance their professional development. Fazila Bhana and Gabrielle Porter had the opportunity to attend a conference on Legal Education Through Play – which enlightened them with new techniques for teaching the law to a younger audience. We also provide management and development training open to all our members. In the next few weeks we are aiming to ascertain trauma training. This can help us better equip our volunteers to interact with our more sensitive clients.

Our volunteers are incredibly enthusiastic about they fantastic work they do. Gabrielle Porter, states ‘people who can really benefit from a bit of legal understanding and knowledge in their day to day lives. We don’t feel sorry for people. It’s just nice to feel like we’re doing something constructive and useful’. Therefore, this student-led group are passionate that no one should feel alone or uncertain in legal matters, regardless of their background.

Maisie Mayne

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