Galaxy Committee

Radio Executive Team

Station Manager - Luke Stavenuiter -

Hey, I'm the Station Manager for Galaxy Radio meaning I oversee all that goes on in our station. I'm a third year Mechanical Engineering Student that basically lives in the studio. I joined last year as the Technical Manager and have been part of the Radio since. If you are unsure about absolutely anything or don't know who to ask just message me and I'll help or point you to someone who can. I'm really excited for what the year has in store and how the we are all going to make Galaxy Radio develop!

Secretary - Becca Treston -

Hello there fellow broadcasting buff, my name's Becca Treston, a 2nd year English and History Student, and I am the radio secretary. This entails dealing with the social media, emails and taking minutes in committee meetings. I joined the radio at the start of my first year after attending the introduction presentation on a wim, and haven't looked back- its been one of my favourite things about uni because of the great opportunity its given me and my record collection! I hope myself and my fellow committee members can make the radio the same unmissable and exciting experience for you this year!

Technical Manager - Reece Wadsworth -

Hey, I’m Reece Wadsworth and I’m Galaxy Radio’s Technical Manager, which means I’m in charge of making sure the radio is on air as well as everything in the studio, or we take out of the studio to use, works well, allowing us to broadcast the best stuff we can. I’m a second year Computing Student and I’ve always had a massive interest in how technology work; in fact, on of the first things I took apart to see how it worked, was a radio, so getting this role at the radio has been a brilliant opportunity for me. I promise to always try to have everything back together ready for your show’s slot, but if there’s any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Events Manager - Lewis James -
I’m Lewis, this year's Events Manager. If you have any great ideas that you would like to broadcast, get in touch with me! These could include; interviews, press passes for festivals, acts for Buskers’ Corner or whatever you fancy.
Feel free to drop me an email or come and find me (I’m the one with the afro in the studio).

Content Manager - Brad Harper -

Good day chaps, I am Brad Harper; presenter of The Hip-Harper Show and your Content Manager. My role in the society, as peculiar as this may sound for a radio station, is to get as many members as possible to write (yes, WRITE) articles for the website. Articles are entertainment based—reviews, interviews, top 10 lists… go ferocious with your creativity. Email them over to and I shall chuck them on the website for you. You can email me any questions you may have, get in touch with me on Facebook or use your legs to walk into the studio for some face-to-face communication, you lazy student you! Ta.

Press Executive Team

Editor-in-Chief, Opinion Editor  - Priyanka Makwana -

Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there, beside our brand new glossy magazine, Galaxy. I’m thrilled to be this year’s Editor-in-Chief in addition to my previous post of Opinion Editor, and look forward to seeing what we will accomplish. To new readers, welcome, I sincerely hope you ogle the pages with anticipation and pleasure. Maybe a little bit of drool. To our returning readers, thank you for continuing to contribute your writing and support us. I shall personally see to it that you are acknowledged with red Starbursts. Right. Let’s rock and roll.