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If you have something to say then you should probably hurry up and say it, before either you forget, or someone else says it first.

Galaxy Press is looking for talented writers to become the first in its new wave of Journalists and Columnists. You can write for any of our sections:

News – Be at the forefront of both University and local news, get your fellow students in the loop, and help shape opinions on the matters of the day.

Opinion – Encourage debate on the most pressing, controversial and most-talked about topics around university.

Features – Investigative journalism into local and national student issues – the cutting edge of student journalism.

What’s On – Compiling the definitive list of what is going on in and around Leicester Uni; from society bake sales to big nights out.

Entertainment – Music, Film, Art, Theatre: become a leading critical voice both locally and nationally.

Lifestyle – What’s the cheapest student holiday? Know any cocktails that we don’t? Got some beauty-on-a-budget tips you’re dying to share? Lifestyle deals with student life, including travel, food and drink, fashion, beauty and health.

Sport – Cover anything you want in the sporting world, whether it’s around campus or the world!

Politics – Politics is admittedly not the sexiest of topics but take a look around and you’ll find some genuinely insightful and occasionally hilarious articles on Politics not only in the UK but across the Atlantic as well.


If you can contribute to any of these sections, if you have an idea for a column or just want to cover assignments, then be sure to contact us at galaxypress@le.ac.uk

Galaxy Press not only provides fantastic journalistic experience; as the University of Leicester Students’ Union only accredited Student Magazine, it looks great on your CV, and allows you to be a part of this 59 year old institutions amazing history.

Galaxy Press’ next year will be the most exciting thing on campus, and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Make your mark.

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