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Anonymous10756: its christmas
Anonymous10757: the fish is never wrong
Anonymous10756: what makes a pudding a christmas pudding
Anonymous10751: It has to be anti clockwise. It just has to be
Anonymous10751: Another great joke! laugh
Anonymous10756: the stress in your voice lol
Anonymous10751: Izzy Collins is an amazing human being!
Anonymous10757: ahhh josh that joke was pretty decent
Anonymous10757: I'm going clockwise
Anonymous10757: Feliz Navidad
Anonymous10757: No joke my nana used to make me and allll my cousins line up and sing this song or we couldn't open our presents
Anonymous10757: we eventually started bringing in instruments guitars, drums, maracas, etc. and would do a little performance
Anonymous10757: love love love this song
Anonymous10756: I sing along ever time I hear this song
Anonymous10757: sameee its so catchy
Anonymous10757: getting all the hits that's my girl
Anonymous10757: solid choice
Anonymous10756: was that Izzy pressing a skip button in the middle of a song??
Anonymous10757: she would never
Anonymous10757: ........... or would she
Anonymous10751: Woop woop !
Anonymous10756: you're precious and i love you
Anonymous10771: Love this film
Anonymous10771: Perfect song. I love the Grinch as well
Anonymous10791: speaking!vivi
Anonymous11101: Give us a recap
Anonymous11122: take up smoking smile
Anonymous11132: Go Freddie xx
Anonymous11132: g ma is enjoying it to x
Anonymous11145: Tune!
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