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Playing Leicester University’s Student Hits since 1996!

Hey there, we’re Galaxy Radio, student radio from the University of Leicester.

We’re back, live from our new home near New Walk to bring you all your favourite student shows and music!

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Soft bans will be issued for swearing and spamming. Permanent IP bans will be issued for harassment and aggressive behaviour. 
Respect each other and the hosts, if you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say don’t say nothin’ at all. Lets keep it clean guys!

Anonymous17825: I can multi-task. I.e. I'm also doing your mum as we speak.
Anonymous17826: Jokes on you. My mum is a man
Anonymous17825: I kniow
Anonymous17825: *know
Anonymous17826: Lady Gaga?
Anonymous17826: So dull
Anonymous17825: Kind of like you then "Anonymous17826"
Anonymous17826: Are you some kind of shill for the radio station 17826???
Anonymous17826: YOu mole
Anonymous17826: Absolute badger
Anonymous17825: Why are you talking to yourself?
Anonymous17826: Switched onto the Leeds Student Radio. Much better than this
Anonymous17825: I know you are but what am I
Anonymous17826: You are a slimy weasel
Anonymous17825: I know you are but what am I
Anonymous17826: You soggy biscuit munching nonse
Anonymous17825: I know you are but what am I
Anonymous17826: You are flaccid m9. I hope you're snakebite gets spiked with poppers, gaiboi
Anonymous17825: You crossed the line
Anonymous17826: Sorry
Anonymous17826: My fedora slipped
Anonymous17825: I am going to report you to the galaxy radio station ethics community and you'll be disciplined so hard you'll want to run home to your mummy to replace your diaper. And at that point you'll see me there to give you some more discipline boy!
Anonymous17826: Gape me, I deserve it
Anonymous17825: Jesus
Anonymous17877: What a good read that was
Anonymous17919: Hot pockets
Anonymous18051: play some imagine dragon please
Glynn Finney: Hi i'm a Trustee for The Leicestershire & Rutland Carers Centre, a charity that provides advice, support and information for unpaid carers. Is it possible for you to let your listeners know that we are currently doing a charity bucket collections at the Tesco Extra Store 50-52 London Road Leicester, Today from 4pm and would appriciate some spare change
Anonymous18938: hi
Anonymous19301: Hey, Lgbt+ society here. We'd like to request Mr Brightside if possible (and a shoutout - we're by the downstairs side bar)
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