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Hey there, we’re Galaxy Radio, student radio from the University of Leicester.

We’re back, live from our new home near New Walk to bring you all your favourite student shows and music!

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Respect each other and the hosts, if you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say don’t say nothin’ at all. Lets keep it clean guys!

Anonymous17088: haha how dare youuuuuuuuuuuuu
Anonymous17088: ur a puny little microbe
Anonymous17088: ur goin down andy
Anonymous17088: to the special place in hell they reserve for chode-boys
Anonymous17092: wow the tension build up there for DJ markzy really kept us on the edge of our seats
Anonymous17088: ur more useless than a used tissue
Anonymous17092: Love the show though Andy, from your fans at 14 York street
Anonymous17088: tuuuuuuuuuuuuuneeeee
Anonymous17088: already listened to this today lol
Anonymous17088: it's fate
Anonymous17088: meant to be
Anonymous17088: you do you baby
Anonymous17088: you're the man baby
Anonymous17242: Take a Listen to Thanking You by Leicester new artist Shaka. about to appear in American Idiot UK Tour at the Haymarket Theatre alongside xfactors Sam Lavery & Luke Friend
Anonymous17381: Plsy Day Of The Moon!
Anonymous17381: play*
Anonymous17381: play Larkins!!!
Anonymous17617: We love george
Anonymous17617: Replace jonny
Anonymous17615: We love Johnny. Down with George
Anonymous17619: the chief whip lives at number 9
Anonymous17615: where does the cat live?
Anonymous17615: Does Johnny have a girlfriend?
Anonymous17619: Larry lives at number 10
Anonymous17615: Dear DJ's can you play Georgie Girl by THe Seekers
Anonymous17617: I preferred the old Jonny
Anonymous17615: Bept
Anonymous17617: Hope Jonny wins worst presenter at media awards
Anonymous17615: 17617 is a lone dissenter
Anonymous17617: My arm hurts when I do this
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