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Hey there, we’re Galaxy Radio, student radio from the University of Leicester.

We’re back, live from our new home near New Walk to bring you all your favourite student shows and music!

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Respect each other and the hosts, if you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say don’t say nothin’ at all. Lets keep it clean guys!

Anonymous16366: *Mikey B
Anonymous16368: shout out for the schleswig massiveeeeee
Anonymous16368: danke!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous16368: these tunes will get you arrested mate!
Ewan: Big up andy
Ewan: undergrad in 2011 hahahaha my god
Anonymous16371: Ewan is wet af
Anonymous16371: and he’s bad at tennis
Ewan: lay off cam you absolute cigarette of a human
Anonymous16371: Cam? Never heard of him
Anonymous16372: Play GINGER
Liv: Yay love this!!
Anonymous16368: cheersssssss matey
Anonymous16413: andy ya rasklaart
Anonymous16413: shout out to schnitzel-man max plz
Anonymous16413: cheers bruvvaaaaaaaa
Anonymous16413: this is an ice-cold tune
Anonymous16413: i didn't know benny L is from croydon!?!?!? he's my homeboi!
Anonymous16413: JAAHHHHHH
Anonymous16415: Max just out here talking to himself
Anonymous16413: Which bozo is this
Anonymous16415: Snitches get stitches Diglett
Anonymous16413: i'm not coming to the wedding now
Anonymous16415: Well there's no need for that is there
Anonymous16413: byeeeeeee
Anonymous16413: nah
Anonymous16413: andy ur mic is still on
Anonymous16364: thought id treat you to my vocals lol
Anonymous16415: dulcet tones
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