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Hey there, we’re Galaxy Radio, student radio from the University of Leicester.

We’re back, live from our new home near New Walk to bring you all your favourite student shows and music!

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Anonymous13959: give your listeners a shout out
Anonymous13959: oh rah
Anonymous13959: hi mouth kate here
Anonymous13959: stop wanking over the towels in the girls bathroom
Anonymous13958: shout me and Maria out, we paused the Office for you
Anonymous13958: thank you thank you
Anonymous13959: Mouth shout us out please James is crying
Anonymous13959: mouth chuck on some uzi or xxxtentacion please
Anonymous13959: or lil pump gucci gang
Anonymous13959: lets chuck in some soud cloud rap
Anonymous13959: we are listening mouth we love you
Anonymous13959: gucci mane ?
Anonymous13959: 21 savage
Anonymous13959: acknowledge me
Anonymous13959: yh its acdc mate
Anonymous13959: so true Holly he plays s**t half of the time
Anonymous13962: absolutely wild
Anonymous13962: this is lean. this song is amazing. thanks
Anonymous14023: relatable
Anonymous14023: Ms Jackson is one of the greatest songs of our generation don't @ me
Anonymous14027: just like you, you mean
OTBT: What are you trying to suggest?
Anonymous14027: you're a queer
Anonymous14027: in a loveable, "oh look at that queer over there" sort of way
Anonymous14023: why are they hiding bodies under his garage?
Anonymous14027: wait do you like Radiohead?
Anonymous14376: woop woop
Anonymous14711: Please play;
Anonymous14711: bowie on the radio
Anonymous14754: Hi this is from the Pan African Law Society, please play this is how we do it
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