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Anonymous10331: She sounds cool
Anonymous10331: Everything I didn't know I needed
Anonymous10332: hit me with those sweet sweet facts
Anonymous10331: Yeah cows!!!
Anonymous10332: so about as many as there are sheep in the UK
Anonymous10331: YOURE MAKING ME CRY
Anonymous10332: IZZYYYY
Anonymous10331: What a DJ
Anonymous10323: Hey guys, its Zack, probs gonna be on chat a lot during songs on today's show
Anonymous10343: Hello Zack
Anonymous10323: Bonjour
Anonymous10323: This song is mental ambiguous mate
Anonymous10351: this sounds like Cream
Anonymous10323: who dat
Anonymous10351: surprised
Anonymous10353: cream's a band from the 60s
Anonymous10353: eric clapton
Anonymous10353: yes
Anonymous10323: hit me with the requests lads
Anonymous10353: drake
Anonymous10353: play house of balloons by the weeknd
Anonymous10353: furthest thing
Anonymous10353: tbh
Anonymous10346: play spraynard
Anonymous10373: Jeff bezos is the ceo of amazon
Galaxy Media: Hey all
Galaxy Media: In memory of those lost in the great fire of yesterday
Plucky Youngster: golly gosh this is both hip and hop at the same time
Anonymous10699: hey
Anonymous10699: itz chriszmaz in the hiz housz, houszted by Radio Unfriendly Unitz Shifterz boiz hoe hoe hoez wink
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