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Playing Leicester University’s Student Hits since 1996!

Hey there, we’re Galaxy Radio, student radio from the University of Leicester.

We’re back, live from our new home near New Walk to bring you all your favourite student shows and music!


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Soft bans will be issued for swearing and spamming. Permanent IP bans will be issued for harassment and aggressive behaviour. 
Respect each other and the hosts, if you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say don’t say nothin’ at all. Lets keep it clean guys!

Anonymous13098: Don't be nervous hun
Anonymous13098: The Netherlands??
Anonymous13099: calm it nerds
Galaxy Radio Studio: NOW PLAYING: 'Nemesis', Benjamin Clementine
Galaxy Radio Studio: Get back here Anonymous13100
Galaxy Radio Studio: NOW PLAYING: 'Shameless', HAUS
Anonymous13101: I tell a fly
Anonymous13099: where has everyone gone tbh
Anonymous13098: Watched a lot of Friends
Anonymous13101: Masturbated furiously
Anonymous13098: omg i LOVE hiatus kioyote
Anonymous13098: buzzing
Galaxy Radio Studio: NOW PLAYING: 'Auto Pilot', Queens Of The Stone Age
Galaxy Radio Studio: (PLAYING PREVIOUSLY...): 'Lace Skull', Hiatus Kaiyote
Anonymous13103: Strong analogy
Galaxy Radio Studio: NOW PLAYING: 'Oxford Town', Bob Dylan
Galaxy Radio Studio: NOW PLAYING: 'Beautifully Unconventional', Wolf Alice
Galaxy Radio Studio: NOW PLAYING: 'Mercy Street', BANFI
Galaxy Radio Studio: NOW PLAYING: 'Bright Young People', The Opera Comic... Thanks for listening, Radio Unfriendly Unit Shifter returns next week for more unit-shifting, tune-abusing, competition-losing, guest-choosing fun.
Anonymous13138: Its Quan, your fave xo
Anonymous13145: wagwaaan
Anonymous13148: guyana- triggered
Anonymous13149: utrecht
Anonymous13149: it's in the netherlands
Anonymous13149: i went there on my gap yah
Anonymous13157: woohooo!!!!!
IamNotALondoner: Wow you're family is so cool - gigs in London at their age!!
IamNotALondoner: Bit of Madness is always a winner
IamNotALondoner: It must be love
IamNotALondoner: wink
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